And it begins….

Choose running.
Choose joining a local running club.
Choose finally listening to your wife who has been saying you should do this for years!
Choose Runnymede Runners.
Choose a Couch to 5k course to get you back into a regular routine.
Choose a new pair of trainers and gait analysis at Sweatshop in Windsor.
Choose a coach and mentor.
Choose building up the distance, week on week.
Choose running in the sun, rain and snow.
Choose a ‘cheeky one’ tagged onto the end of a training run.
Choose running with one of your best mates and watching him smash it!
Choose getting stronger and avoiding injury.
Choose a new group of friends with a similar childish sense of humour.
Choose endorphins post run.
Choose the Lammas route in winter and Windsor Great Park in Spring.
Choose clearing your head after a tough day at work.
Choose the Bedfont Park Run in the mud and then in the sun.
Choose the 5 mile ‘Handicap Route’ on a cold Thursday in April.
Choose the Staines 10k.
Choose a high five with your kids who come to watch you run.
Choose personal bests and a sense of achievement.
Choose the next challenge.
Choose running.